Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium, founded in 2007 and property of Coral World International, world leader in the creation of marine parks, faithfully recreates ocean and sea habitats and ecosystems with the aim of spreading awareness, knowledge and admiration for the beauty of the marine world and in order to encourage interaction with its many different species.
It boasts a magnificent location on the island of Mallorca, just 50 metres from the sea, and its 55 aquariums contain 5 million litres of salt water and more than 8000 different specimens of around 700 different species found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


Palma Aquarium belongs to Coral World International; a company founded in the mid 70s by businessman Morris Kahn, and currently presided over by his son Benjamin Kahn.
The Coral World group currently owns 3 other aquariums across the world: The Underwater Observatory in Eilat, Israel, Maui Ocean Center in Hawaii, United States and AQWA in Perth, Australia.

In 2008 the prestigious magazine Time awarded Benjamin Kahn the “Hero of the Environment 2008” award, in recognition of his environmental efforts.


Palma Aquarium, in accordance with its founding company’s conservational philosophy, was conceived as an authentic marine observatory which faithfully recreates the sea’s ecosystems and habitats and the wealth of flora and fauna found in oceans across the world.
With the motto “learning and understanding in order to appreciate and protect”, the aquarium in Mallorca operates with one main objective: to spread awareness, knowledge and admiration for the beauty of the marine world.

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