Marineland Mallorca


We have 7 friendly dolphins that will delight both children and adults. Among them, our males Blue and Mateo, along with Estel and Sacha, will show you a good time at our show, which will allow you to find out more about the intelligence of these animals.
We have different educational projects, where you can find out more about the lives and biology of our animals. Small-group programs.
We have different fresh-water aquariums, where you will be able to discover striking species such as neons, colourful guppies, or the feared piranha.
Our sea-water aquariums, inspired by the Indo-Pacific Ocean, allow you to see species such as black tip sharks, dangerous animals such as the scorpion fish, or small clown fish, along with a very special animal, the sea turtle.

Here you will find species such as stingrays, manta rays, guitar fish, and different types of sea bass… a perfect example of the animals that live together in our waters.

Taller than 1.40m – (Adult Ticket) 24,00€
1.10m to 1.40m (Child Ticket) 14,00€
0.90m to 1.10m (Mini Ticket) 10,00€
Seniors (+65 years old) 24,00€ 15€

Discount applies when booked online and printed out.

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