La Granja de Esporles

Discover the traditional Majorca and its cultural legacy trough the crafts that were performed on the possessió (estate) from the 10th century until the 17th century.
A quiet walk through our gardens, terraced land and woodland is the best way to discover Majorca’s flora and fauna, thanks to the superb natural setting in which La Granja de Esporles is located and its abundant aquifer. Likewise, youngsters and those who are not so young, will enjoy our range of typical animal life of the farming estates and of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

At La Granja de Esporles there is a variety of typical farm animals that would be used for working in the fields (donkeys, horses…), for their coats or milk (sheep, goats…) and those directly intended for the table (pheasants, ducks, geese, rabbits…). The “porc negre” (Majorcan black pig) deserves a special mention. This is a native breed whose meat is the basis for traditional Majorcan sausages of the highest quality (sobrassada, llonganissa, botifarró, camaiot, etc…). A delicious selection of these can be tasted for free in our sampling shop. Birds such kites, kestrels, wood pigeons, partridges, turtle doves, quails, shrikes, sparrows, goldfinches, European greenfinches and many more are also common, and with a little luck, you might see a black vulture gliding majestically.

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